fotonolNol Brouwers, an experienced engineer and entrepreneur, is the director and founder of DermalDose. He studied mechanical engineering at the Technical University Twente. After his graduation in production engineering and factory automation, he started his industrial career at Texas Instruments Holland (TIH), and became the mechanization manager, a department of 80 people that was responsible for factory automation at TIH.

After a few years he founded a new engineering company in Almelo, Techn├ęcon Twente, which served major Dutch industries, like the several Philips factories, DICO, DSM, DE, Unilever, AKZO, etc.

He returned to Texas Instruments to become the European Engineering manager, with engineering and automation responsibilities for the appliance, automotive and RFID business units. He was member of the European and the Global Engineering Councils of TI. In this period he was trained in topics like Strategic Leadership, Quality Management, High Tech Marketing and Strategic Market Assessment.

In 1997 Texas Instruments decided to relocate all components production activities to other areas. Upon this decision he decided to leave Texas Instruments to found, together with Gerard Huiberts, Integrated Mechanization Solutions (IMS), based on the mechanization department of TIH. IMS today is part of the WWINN-group, a worldwide player for factory automation projects for high volume precision parts.

After 15 years of leading his company, Nol Brouwers decided to pass on his responsibilities within WWINN-group and focus on the development of the DermalDose system.