Our mission is to deliver a method for intradermal drug delivery, which is user-friendly, precise, and reliable.

In the time that Nol Brouwers, founder and director of DermalDose, was director of Integrated Mechanization Solutions (IMS), he got involved in microneedle development. IMS was asked to do design and prototyping work on the ViaDerm microneedle arrays by TransPharma Medical, an Israelian start-up company with close contacts with TEVA. Eventually a production line for the ViaDerm Arrays was build. On this ISO 13485, GMP and clean room production line several 100 ku samples of the ViaDerm arrays were manufactured for clinical trials by TransPharma Medical and Eli Lilly, the huge US based pharmaceutical company.

Also IMS participated in a STW scientific research program on microneedle developments, headed by Professor Dr. Joke Bouwstra of the University of Leiden. She received a Simon Stevin Award for her work in the field of transdermal drug delivery. In the STW project Nol Brouwers learned about microneedles, the skin and the potential benefits of these needle if used as an alternative for injection needles.

However, the microneedles of TransPharma Medical and in the STW program were solid. After puncturing the skin, the medicine needed to be delivered by an adhesive plaster with dried medicine dots that was stuck on the perforated skin. Unfortunately, only small amounts of drug can be delivered by this method.

Together with his son Bouke, Nol Brouwers felt that hollow micro needles would allow higher doses to be delivered directly in the dermis. Together they started a development for hollow needles that would enable a reliable delivery of drugs directly in the dermis. This development resulted in several patents for an intradermal drug delivery system, which is now known as the DermalDose system.