Intradermal drug delivery is the delivery of drugs in the dermis to a depth of 1 to 3 mm. Intradermal delivery has many advantages with regards to efficiency and effectiveness of several medicines.

Due to high capillary and lymphatic vessels there is faster uptake of many drugs, reaching higher peak levels and larger bioavailability.

Furthermore delivery is close to the immune system as the dermis contains most of the lymphocytes in the skin, other migrant leukocytes, mast cells, and tissue macrophages, making it suitable for many vaccines and immunotherapy.

This leads to the following advantages:

  • Intradermal delivery offers a similar result as other conventional injection methods with up to 20% less medicine
  • Vaccines applied intradermally may need up to only 10-20% of the acting substance compared to conventional vaccination
  • Cost reductions
  • Possible reduction of side effects
  • Less painful injections

It is essential that the intradermal delivery is reliable and precise to exploit these advantages. In contrast to many existing methods, the DermalDose system manages to do this. This opens up opportunities for new applications for intradermal delivery.